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lef-logoORGONASL Lexington Education Foundation

2017-18 Fellowship Grant Recipients

LEF Fellowships provide funding to individual educators to participate in professional learning workshops, institutes, conferences and guided field studies to deepen their subject-area knowledge and strengthen teaching skills.

Click here to download the Fellowship Grant Descriptions

Elementary School Faculty

Kerrie Donnelly and Lysa Pirone, Fiske and Harrington Schools K-5 Counselors, will attend the American Counseling Association Conference, where they will learn from counseling experts on topics particularly relevant to Lexington’s families and students: theme-based group counseling and counseling in gender, sexual identity and diversity.

Heather Kramer, Estabrook School K-5 Resource Teacher in the Therapeutic Learning Program, will complete the training and practicum required to achieve associate level certification in the Orton-Gillingham method, an approach to reading, writing, and spelling instruction that has proven effective in teaching dyslexic and struggling learners. She will use this approach with her own students as well as serving as a resource to other classroom and specialist teachers.

Molly Rawding, Fiske School Mathematics Specialist, will attend the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics annual conference to learn best practices and gather resources to share with LPS colleagues. She will also deliver a presentation on the groundbreaking work that has been done at Fiske and across the Lexington Public Schools to engage students in math by employing the principles of growth mindset -- a belief that basic abilities are not fixed and dependent on native talent but can be improved through perseverance and hard work.

Eliza Sherriff and Vanessa Wilson, Harrington School 2nd Grade Teachers, will pursue certification in the Wilson Intensive Reading System Level 1, which offers research-based instructional strategies for teaching reading and spelling to struggling learners.

Michelle Wright, Lexington Children’s Place and LPS District Nurse, will attend the National Association of School Nurses Annual Conference. She is particularly interested in exploring leadership roles school nurses can play in improving school health systemwide and the process and analysis of public policy as these relate to school health.

Middle School Faculty

Kate Bromley, Diamond Middle School Drama Teacher, will attend the Royal Shakespeare Company Summer School in Stratford-upon-Avon. She will study and observe stage performances of Shakespeare’s plays and learn directly from actors and directors about the creative theatre-making process, in order to strengthen both her classroom work with students and the after-school rehearsal and production process.

Donna Motherway, Clarke Middle School Nurse, will attend the National Association of School Nurses Annual Conference, where she will learn best practices for keeping children healthy, emergency preparedness, and addressing specific health conditions that may have an impact on learning.

Danielle Paddol, Clarke Middle School 7th Grade Social Studies: World Geography Teacher, will take part in an experiential professional learning program created by and for Clarke teachers with Education First, to explore South Africa’s geography, climate, people, and history, with an eye to transforming the world geography unit

Cecelia Vosland, Diamond Middle School Guided Learning Specialist in Literacy and Executive Function, will attend the National Council of Teachers of English annual convention and postconvention Assembly on Literature for Adolescents. She will learn about current research and best practices in curriculum, skill strategies, national literacy trends, and instructional materials to help students experiencing difficulties with literacy.

High School Faculty

Stephanie Hoban, Lexington High School Instructional Technology Coach, will attend the Consortium for School Networking convention and Educational Technology Leadership Workshop. She will learn practices for integrating technology into the classroom that will inform the creation of LPS’s 3-year technology plan and Scope and Sequence for technology standards, and exploration of new Digital Literacy and Computer Science Standards.

Susan Kaftan, Lexington High School Nurse, will attend the School Mental Health Conference offered by Harvard Medical School and the Cambridge Health Alliance on school-based strategies for addressing stress and building emotional resilience among students from diverse backgrounds.

Brendan Moran, Lexington High School 11th-12th Grade English Teacher, will attend the Frost Place Poetry Seminar. He will work with accomplished poets to learn and practice poetic craft and technique, with an emphasis on workshopping -- an approach in which students write and revise poems for an authentic audience and learn how to critically read and interpret poetry.

Valentina Sountsova, Lexington High School Physics Teacher, will attend the St. Johnsbury Academy’s AP Physics C Summer Institute, which will cover course expectations, curriculum, and strategies for teaching principles and practices in a calculus-based course in mechanics and electricity-magnetism. These strategies can be applied to all physics courses at LHS.

Click here to download the Fellowship Grant Descriptions

Elementary Robotics Curriculum Integration. Building on the successful LEF-funded pilot of an afterschool robotics and engineering program at Estabrook and Bridge Schools, LHS teachers and the LexRobotics team will extend the program to all Lexington elementary schools and train teachers to integrate robotics and engineering classes into the schools’ regular curriculum, as well.

Engaging Students in STEM Using the Flying Classroom Curriculum. Fourth grade students will vicariously circle the globe on a “Flying Classroom” expedition that explores STEM, geography, cultural studies and history in locales around the world via a web-based “reality show” that engages students in hands-on discovery and inquiry and interactive simulations.

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