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About LEF

LEF was founded in 1989 to fund technology and curriculum innovations outside the system's operating budget for all nine Lexington Public Schools.


Grant proposals are faculty-initiated and reviewed by LEF to ensure that educational impact of the contributions is maximized. LEF unites private donations with retail and corporate sponsorships.   In over two decades, LEF has provided over $4.5 million in private funding to Lexington’s nine public schools and central administration, bringing new technology and innovative instruction into the classroom and the hands of every Lexington public school student.


Teacher-initiated grants fund dynamic and curriculum projects as well as professional development.  Summer fellowships are available for teachers to attend courses, seminars and workshops to improve an educator’s professional practice.  School community grants fund smaller-scale educational initiatives or community-building activities at each school.


LEF’s success depends on the commitment, skill, and time of dozens of volunteers. With the exception of one part-time staff position, all of the work LEF does – from fundraising to grants management, from event planning to organizational governance -- is carried out by parent volunteers who are concerned about, and want to be engaged in, continuing Lexington’s dedication to high quality education. If you would be interested in volunteering, please click here.