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Apply for LEF Grants

LEF supports exceptional teacher-initiated educational activities that fall outside the Lexington Public Schools’ budget. These activities range from small, classroom-specific projects to district-wide programs. Many projects feature collaboration across subjects, grade levels or schools.

LEF offers three types of grants:

  • LEF Program Grants fund the exploration and implementation of innovative approaches to teaching, the creation of educational materials, and the piloting of new technology in the classroom. Program Grants may support work at any grade level and in any subject, including the arts, natural and social sciences, literacy, math, physical education, teacher mentoring, and social competency. Teachers and other certified staff submit proposals in the winter for implementation in the following school year.

Read detailed guidelines on applying for a Program Grant.
Download the Program Grant application form.

  • LEF Fellowships fund professional development opportunities for individual educators to deepen their subject-area knowledge and strengthen their skills in ways that will have a direct impact on their teaching. Fellowships enable teachers to devote time during school vacation periods to attend courses, seminars, conferences and workshops that relate directly to their positions. Individuals submit applications in the winter for Fellowships during the current year’s spring break or upcoming summer vacation.

Read detailed guidelines on applying for a Fellowship.
Download the Fellowship application form.

  • LEF School Community Grants fund activities at each Lexington public school that strengthen the overall learning environment and build community school-wide. Each School Community Grant project grows out of a collaborative process that involves the school’s entire professional community. School principals submit School Community Grant proposals early in the academic year for implementation during the same year.

Read detailed guidelines on applying for a School Community Grant.
Download the School Community Grant application form.

LEF School Liaisons. LEF represents a partnership between Lexington’s teachers and the Lexington community. Through LEF’s School Partnership team, each of Lexington’s nine schools has a dedicated School Liaison who is committed to working with you at every step of the application and review process and to providing guidance during the implementation of your project. If you are considering applying for a grant, your first step should be to contact your School Liaison listed in the sidebar.