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Fellowship Grant Recipient Responsibilities



Responsiblities of LEF Fellowship Recipients


As an LEF Fellowship recipient, you will be required to:

  • Complete the activities described in your proposal by the end of the Fellowship period.
  • Seek prior approval from LEF for any changes in the focus or implementation of your Fellowship. Fellowships must be used for the purposes stated in your proposal. Any deviation from the original spending plan must be submitted for approval in writing (e‐mail is acceptable) to LEF. Click here to download the Grant Change Request Form.
  • Submit a one‐page report about your Fellowship to LEF by September 30 of the upcoming academic year, using the reporting guidelines provided by LEF. Click here to download these instructions.
  • Share what you have learned from your Fellowship with your principal, department head, and colleagues.
  • Work with LEF to showcase the impact of your Fellowship in the community.
  • Include the following statement when writing about your Fellowship: "This Fellowship is supported by a grant from the Lexington Education Foundation."