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Bridge Elementary School
55 Middleby Road, Lexington, MA 02421

LEF 2016–2017 Grants


  • Kristen Gray, a kindergarten literacy teacher, and Allison Gullingsrud, a 1st grade teacher, will attend the Columbia Teachers College Summer Reading Institute. They will learn how to use the Readers Workshop model, tailored to each grade level, to create a learning community in which students develop skill in and love of reading as they share ideas and learn both from the teacher and from one another.
  • Deborah Side, a music teacher, will attend a masters workshop in Ghana that combines an international methodology of teaching music with a focus on building students’ understanding of African music and culture through games, songs, dances, and instrumental pieces.

School Community Grant

  • Outdoor Classroom. Bridge will design and build an outdoor classroom that gives students, teachers, and the community a structured yet open space to extend curriculum and learning opportunities.


LEF 2015–2016 Grants


  • Deborah Side, a K–5 music specialist, will attend the American Orff Schulwerk Conference in San Diego, where music educators share ideas and approaches to building musicianship in every learner through the integration of music, movement, speech, and drama.

School Community Grant

  • Bridge Elementary School used its 2014–2015 School Community Grant to strengthen cultural literacy in order to build community and communication within the diverse Bridge School community. A consultant conducted a workshop on cross-cultural competency and a parent seminar on mental health issues of Asian American students.


LEF 2014–2015 Grants


  • Technology in the Elementary Classroom: A fifth grade teacher will attend a summer workshop on “Technology in the Elementary Classroom” to learn how to leverage technology to create a more student-centered, inquiry-based learning environment.

 Program Grants

  • Helping English Language Learners: ELL and classroom teachers created an afterschool program designed to ease the transition to Bridge/Lexington for students from non-English speaking families. The class focused on building the students’ vocabulary and their understanding of American culture. A concurrent class was offered to their parents.
  • People on the Move: Immigration to America Past and Present: New York City presents a rich environment in which to explore our nation’s immigration history and present-day realities. Elementary teachers visited selected sites to deepen their knowledge of the subject, then created and implemented a 4th grade curriculum on the American immigrant experience at all six elementary schools.

 School Community Grant

  • Cafeteria Mural and Literacy Library: Bridge used its 2013–2014 School Community Grant to hire a local artist to guide students and faculty in creating a mural for its new cafeteria that ties the school’s character-building initiative (the ABC’s of Attitude, Behavior, and Character) and community building emphasis to the extensive renovations currently underway. Bridge has also dedicated grant funds to purchasing leveled texts for its literacy library.

Previous year’s grants