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Attention all Lexington elementary school students!

LEF launches the Summer Trivia Hunt

Enter this summer’s Trivia Hunt and you could win the opportunity to represent your school by writing a question for the LEF Trivia Bee.  All you need to do is download our Trivia Hunt Form and work out which schools you’ll need to visit to collect all the clues needed to crack the secret code at the bottom of the Trivia Hunt Form.  Check out our Events page for more details.

The Lexington Education Foundation (LEF) supports the excellence of Lexington Public Schools through grants that fund innovative pedagogy, curricular enrichment, professional development, new uses of technology, and community building in all nine schools.

LEF is a not-for-profit organization that relies on contributions from the community to fund these efforts. Grant proposals undergo a rigorous review by LEF to ensure that we maximize the impact of every dollar we receive in contributions from individuals and businesses.

Please CLICK HERE to read descriptions of LEF grants awarded in 2015. CLICK HERE to read descriptions of all LEF grants awarded in 2014. And see below examples of recent LEF “Grants in Action.”

  • symphony
  • earth-science-slide
  • smart-slide
  • Orchestrating Kids Through Classics
  • Integrating Engineering into the Earth Science Curriculum
  • Smart Tables for Kindergarten

Since our founding, LEF has raised $4,400,000 from individuals and businesses in the community. Grants range in size and scope, but always focus on efforts that contribute to student achievement and the quality of our schools. (Click HERE to Donate…)

LEF’s activities rely almost exclusively on volunteers from our community.  Please consider joining us; even if you only have a few hours to volunteer, it can make a huge impact. (Click HERE to volunteer…)

Click here to read about "Putting the FUN in Executive Function" grant.

Click here to read about the Rachel's Challenge grant.